Insights Acquisition A ‘Powerful Resource for Employers’

EQUIFAX ANNOUNCED it has closed the acquisition of Appriss Insights, a leading provider of risk and criminal justice intelligence. Now part of the Equifax Workforce Solutions business unit, Appriss Insights will advance the path toward a comprehensive Workforce Solutions data hub providing the information needed by employers looking to reduce workforce risk, and by social service agencies working to improve delivery of government entitlement programs.

"The acquisition of Appriss Insights leverages the Equifax Cloud by expanding the breadth of differentiated data and insights that only Equifax can provide,” said Mark W. Begor, CEO of Equifax. "Our strong performance and balance sheet allow Equifax to reinvest in this accretive and strategic acquisition that will strengthen our largest and fastest-growing business - Workforce Solutions.  Appriss Insights’ unique people-based risk intelligence data extends the verification capabilities of our high-performing Workforce Solutions business beyond income and employment, supporting its future growth while further diversifying Equifax.” 

Anchored by Workforce Solutions’ The Work Number® database, Appriss Insights data will be integrated into the verifications data hub and enable employers, background screeners and government agencies to more quickly and simply tap into multiple real-time data sources needed to evaluate and manage candidates and applicants. 

“The Appriss Insights team provides a valuable resource for employers,” said Rudy Ploder, president of Equifax Workforce Solutions. “There are approximately 75 million new hires annually in the U.S., and 40% of new hires are in roles that require background checks and other verifications.” 

Social service agencies are also requiring more timely data to support the 88 million Americans who receive government benefits each year. “Equifax sees tremendous value in delivering more comprehensive solutions to federal and state agencies across unemployment insurance, Medicaid, food assistance, rental support and other benefit programs,” continued Ploder.

Brian Matthews, the former Appriss Insights president who now is senior vice president and general manager of the Workforce Solutions Insights division, also sees value in the new acquisition. “We are thrilled to join the Equifax team,” he said. “The combination of Equifax and Appriss Insights is a complementary one. Together, we have the ability to deliver truly differentiated data and insights to more quickly help individuals in need and further identify ways for employers to expand candidate pools and create new screening standards.”