ID Watchdog® from Equifax Awarded ‘Best in Class’ in Identity Protection Services

June 04, 2024

ID Watchdog® has been named Best in Class, as well as a Leader in three categories, in the 2024 Identity Protection Services (IDPS) Scorecard by Javelin Strategy & Research. With end-to-end protection and resolution services, ID Watchdog supports employees by monitoring for signs of potential fraud across billions of data points — including from credit report activity, the dark web, public records, and more. 

The Javelin Scorecard assessed 16 prominent IDPS providers and highlighted ID Watchdog’s comprehensive suite of services, including prevention, education, detection, monitoring, and resolution support. 

In addition to being named Best in Class, ID Watchdog was recognized as a Leader in the categories of Detection, Monitoring and Alerting; Prevention; and Resolution. Recognition across such a diverse set of categories reflects the comprehensive coverage and support that ID Watchdog plans allow employers to provide for their employees. 

Plans from ID Watchdog include advanced tools that help employees better protect themselves and their families. For example, in the unfortunate event a user’s identity becomes compromised, dedicated resolution specialists help manage cases until their identity is restored.

“Equifax’s focus on child identity monitoring, along with providing parents and guardians the ability to freeze a child’s credit within the platform, was instrumental in helping Equifax secure Best in Class this year,” said Tracy Kitten, director of Fraud and Security at Javelin Strategy & Research.

“Equifax is proud that ID Watchdog has been recognized for helping alert and better protect employees and their families from the ever-evolving threats of identity theft,” said Ben Erdel, General Manager, Identity Theft Protection, Equifax Workforce Solutions. “No one is immune to identity theft. By prioritizing prevention and dedicated resolution support, we help empower employees to take greater control of their identities.” 

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