Helping Governments Around the World Respond to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested global institutions, governments, economies and people in ways never before seen. As we continue to battle the novel coronavirus, governments around the world have been looking towards partners to help them formulate and execute their relief efforts -- partners like Equifax. 

As a leading data, analytics and technology company, we have access to unique assets that allow governments to better understand where relief is needed most, who is most at risk, and how they can deliver aid as quickly and accurately as possible.

For example, in Canada we partnered with the federal government and provided data to help them better understand the demographics, primary jobs, and over financial makeup of population centers nationwide so they were able to develop a more robust model around the most effective allocations of aid.

When it came time to deliver financial support, we supplied our leading-edge Fraud and Identity solutions to help people quickly qualify for and receive funds, prevented abuse to ensure aid reached those who truly needed it, and kept applicants safe by utilizing electronic identification tools. 

Across South America, we are partnering with federal and local municipalities by providing models showcasing real time population densities and patterns of activities, such as times of day grocery stores are the busiest. Geospatial data has long been used for pandemic planning and tracking, and our data helps improve government decision making to optimize and balance safety and movement with essential shopping and other economic activity. 

We are also supporting consumers impacted by the pandemic through flexible work verification. In many countries, including India and Australia, many citizens moved from dense population centers back to suburbs or rural areas  -- especially as their jobs were impacted. As people migrate between areas and prepare to return to work, our innovative Verification solutions allow them to get pre-verified to quickly return to employment, even if they are still moving between locations and are in the process of securing a job. 

“This unprecedented COVID-19 environment has brought to light the importance of partnering and combining resources and assets to help create the best response possible,” said Robin Moriarty, Chief Operating Officer of International for Equifax.

“We believe that stepping up to directly support relief efforts, drive economic recovery, and provide consumers with valuable resources such as our Canadian COVID and Credit Resource Centre is the right thing to do, and we are uniquely positioned to provide these resources across the 25 countries we operate in.”