Equifax Joins Nationwide Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies in Extending Free Weekly Credit Reports

For consumers, ensuring that one’s credit remains in good standing during this challenging time goes beyond paying mortgages, auto loans, credit card bills and other financial obligations each month.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Americans will have access to free weekly credit reports for an additional year to help people across the country manage their financial health during the ongoing hardship caused by COVID-19. This announcement, shared by all three nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies, ensures that Americans understand and manage their financial health as the global economy continues to feel the pandemic aftershock.

“Accessing financial information and records on a more frequent basis helps people plan for their future while also taking care of the present during these challenging times. We strive to make credit more accessible and available to people every day and we hope continuing to make free credit reports available each week is helpful to consumers,” said Mark W. Begor, CEO of Equifax.


What’s the benefit of a credit report?

Consumers need access to the tools they need to understand their financial information. Your credit report, and credit score, helps lenders, landlords, and even employers understand your financial situation. We can’t control what we can’t see and that is where checking your report comes in handy. The better the report, the higher the score and the greater chance for loans and approvals to meet people’s financial needs.

Consumers should review all items appearing in each section of their credit report. If an error is identified, contact the credit reporting agency immediately to initiate a dispute of that information. Weekly credit reports can be requested at https://www.cdiaonline.org/extension-of-free-weekly-credit-reports.