Equifax Celebrates 20 Years of Serving Ecuador

November 17, 2023

EQUIFAX IS MARKING A MILESTONE. Equifax recently celebrated 20 years of serving the people of Ecuador. 

When Equifax helped found Credit Report C.A. Buro de Informacion Crediticia (Credit Report), with members of the Ecuadorian financial community in 2003, there were only four employees. In 2008, Equifax took a majority ownership in Credit Report, to be able to introduce more products and services to the Ecuadorian people. Twenty years after the founding of Credit Report, Equifax now has more than 100 employees and 150 clients serving the more than 18 million consumers in Ecuador. 

In a recent study, Equifax was highlighted as a leader in Ecuador for going beyond the traditional definition of a credit bureau and contributing to the economic development of the country through analytical tools and a constant commitment to Ecuador since the development of the credit industry. Together with ICORED Ecuador, Equifax provides the country’s microfinance institutions with the tools and solutions they need to provide agricultural and livestock loans. Equifax’s Micro Collection Score, specifically designed for this sector, turns challenges into opportunities and further strengthens the financial fabric of Ecuador. 

Equifax is proud of the two decades of commitment, innovation and success in the world of credit information in Ecuador. This anniversary is a testament to our dedication to helping people live their financial best. 

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