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May 25, 2021


Equifax CEO Mark Begor opens the event and discusses the trends we see converging to evolve our credit ecosystem.
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The Customer Experience of Self-Driving Credit

Chief Data & Analytics and Innovation Officer Prasanna Dhore explains Self-Driving Credit — a frictionless, automated, and optimized credit approval process for lenders and consumers.
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Expert Panel: Convergence - New Expectations, New Opportunities for Growth

In 2020, digital acceleration was a matter of survival. The pandemic moved consumers online in record numbers, marking the highest e-commerce growth in America in at least two decades. Now, as the U.S. looks ahead to the new normal, there’s no going back to pre-COVID ways of doing business. Digital experience has become critical to optimizing your growth in the post-pandemic economy.

Sid Singh, President of Equifax U.S. Information Solutions, will lead a panel discussion on how the convergence of e-commerce and financial services is reshaping every customer interaction. Panelists include:
  • Karen G. Mills, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School and former head of the Small Business Administration
  • Julie Conroy, Aite Group, Research director, Fraud & AML
  • Jordan McKee, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, Research Director
  • Andrew Davidson, SVP and Chief Insights Officer, Mintel
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Customer Conversations

One-on-one conversations with leaders in the financial community about how they are managing through new and emerging trends and what they expect to see in the future:

Learn how to protect your business from digital identity fraud

Rob Cameron, CEO, Payments, Barclays speaks with Brad Wiskirchen, General Manager, Kount, an Equifax Company
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Understand how AltFi is changing the landscape of consumer lending

Faye Xu, Head of Credit, Uplift speaks with Sharla Godbehere, Equifax FinTech/Alt/FI Leader
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Rapid access to capital is crucial for commercial lending

Pradeep Narayan, Head of Business Lending Products & Operations, PNC Bank speaks with Bill Phelan, General Manager and SVP, Equifax Commercial
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Find new customers and improve the customer experience with digital marketing

David Flam, COO, DataLab USA speaks with Todd Hoover, SVP Marketing Leader
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Lending with Confidence: The Digital Verifications Imperative

Haiyan Huang, Head of Credit Risk at Prosper, Ratinder Bedi, SVP and Head of Credit & Risk Data Science at SoFi, and Joel Rickman and Naser Hamdi of Equifax Workforce Solutions discuss the value of verified income and employment data.
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Main Stage Closing Remarks

Chief Data & Analytics and Innovation Officer Prasanna Dhore recaps the morning session in his closing remarks.
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Solutions Showcase

Learn about solutions that can deliver the intelligence, data and capabilities to optimize your business in 2021 and beyond.

Frictionless Fraud Prevention: How It Works, and Why Identity Trust Is Key

Businesses have turned digital customer experiences into explosive growth. But with accelerated growth, unprotected businesses are seeing rising losses from fraud.
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Global Platforms: Where Intelligence Meets Automation

Learn about platforms that can provide you with superior data intelligence derived from multiple sources, the ability to drive decision strategies to deliver better outcomes, and confidence in the identity resolution and verification of the transactor. This comprehensive approach puts the power in your hands to define, deploy and execute the next best action for new account origination scenarios.
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Rethinking Credit: The New Standard in Credit Insights Delivery

Take a tour of OneView, a robust, client-centric report that presents the relevant credit decisioning information you need, in a consolidated, customizable, and easy-to-review format. Quickly make better informed decisions with configurable fields and a one page snapshot on the consumer.
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Accelerating Innovation: Validate ideas and understand new markets with a unique testing ground

See how the InnovationX immersive experience helps fintechs, established financial institutions and other organizations accelerate innovation in today’s competitive market. This unique testing ground for new products enables organizations to validate ideas and understand new markets with ready access to real-time, cloud-native data and advanced analytics.
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Expanding Credit with xAI: Not All Explainable AI is Equal

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI) has incredible value for both consumers and lenders. The pandemic has forced a rapid change in consumer behaviors and consumers expect to be rewarded for their positive behavior. See how Equifax xAI allows clients to reward consumers and extend credit deep into the credit spectrum.
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Getting an Inside View: Commerical Real Estate Risk Assessment

Consistent Commercial Real Estate (CRE) tenant and portfolio risk assessment is critical nowmore than ever. There is increased urgency to see inside the building and understand the CREportfolio. CRE-focused professionals need to know which tenants are falling behind on otherpayments (e.g., loans, leases, invoices, utilities), so that they have a heads-up that their rentmight be late or missed.
In this video you will see a new report and app from the Equifax team that will help CRE leaders:
  • Evaluate a commercial tenant portfolio for financial stability
  • Flag tenants with increased risk profiles
  • Monitor tenants on a monthly basis to identify changes in payment patterns
  • Analyze tenant ability to continue on lease
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Seeing the value: Verified Employment and Income in today’s lending landscape

When consistently applied "at application", using verified employment and income aids lenders in supporting alignment with the OCC’s key objective, and provides ways to increase financial inclusion in lending with:

Better visibility

uncover consumers you may have not seen before. 91.5M consumers in the U.S. have thin credit or no credit files.

Expanded data

traditional credit scores don't always tell the whole story. Two hundred twenty three million 223M employment and income verification requests were processed in 2020.

Frictionless processes

applicants are 34% more likely to be funded when lenders use 3rd party verifications in the decision process.