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Protect your business and your customers from fraud and get the most out of your marketing dollars. Innovative, data-driven solutions from Equifax have you covered.  

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Our Capabilities

Solutions from Equifax offer fraud prevention tools, marketing insights, and technology to support and protect your business, your customers, and your revenue.

Trust in Game-changing Identity and Fraud Solutions

When it comes to identity and fraud, you can rely on multilayered protection from Equifax. We can help you add layers of authentication and fraud prevention without negatively impacting your customer experience.

Trusted identity services help retailers and e-commerce providers establish optimal processes around new account openings (NAO), account logins and payment transactions. Whether you need to enhance one part of your authentication and verification process, or you need to revisit the overall process to improve the consumer experience while curtailing fraud, Equifax trusted identity services can help you along every stage of the journey.

Kount®, now an Equifax company, is an industry leader in fraud prevention and digital identity solutions. Kount uses patented technology to protect merchants and customers on a day-to-day transactional level. Throughout the entire customer journey, we can help you prevent digital payments fraud, new account fraud, and account takeovers. 

Combining these two powerful solutions along with access to expansive data, gives you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Hit the Mark with Your Marketing

Maximize your marketing dollars by finding the right customers and serving them the right communications and offers at the right time. 
  • Find customers who are a good fit — based on financial capacity
  • Model and understand purchasing behavior
  • Take a deeper look at firmographics and demographics to help reach your ideal customers
  • Activate omni-channel marketing efforts with data-driven targeting across digital channels 
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What Can We Help You Do?

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Data Solutions to Help You Slice, Dice & Decision

Our unique, comprehensive data sets are only available through Equifax, and we offer advanced tools to make the most of the information. We can also provide exclusive access to specialized data relevant to certain types of purchases.
Featured Data

Consumer Economic Insights

Equifax offers insights that give you a more complete picture of consumers’ finances beyond just an income measure. Use these insights to target, acquire, and retain your most optimal customers and prospects with better visibility into their financial capacity and propensity to spend.
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The Benefits Are Even Bigger

Our data, analytics, and technology tools work together for an overall solution that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Our Solutions, Your Gain

Solutions from Equifax combine to provide more than their obvious benefits. With our help, you can protect what you already earn, optimize your spend, find ways to increase revenue, and build trust for long-term customer loyalty.

A Better Experience All Around

When you let us help with the heavy lifting, your customers will take notice. They may not realize all of the pieces in play, but they’ll certainly appreciate the effects of:
  • Tailored offers
  • Easier authentication
  • Streamlined interactions
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Improved transaction success rates

All of this elevates trust and provides a better end-to-end experience.
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