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Product Overview

Account Verification helps businesses minimize risk by matching a consumer's bank account or credit card used for payment with their Personal Identifiable Information data. It verifies the identity of the consumer and that the valid form of payment is associated with that identity, which helps businesses recognize fraud at the point of interaction. This product can also confirm that commercial bank account details presented by a business are accurate and associated with that business.
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Who It's For

Financial Services

Mitigate risk for payments associated with new account openings or loans

Telecommunication & Digital Media

Assess risk associated with paying monthly online bills and new purchases


Reduce risk of chargebacks for consumers making a payment or purchase online

Auto Dealers & Lenders

Accept a credit card and/or bank account with confidence for vehicle down payments


Minimize payment risk for monthly premiums, and paying deductibles on claims

Rental/Property Management

Make deposit and monthly rent payments through bank account and accept credit cards

Learn How Account Verification Can Benefit Your Business

Account Verification can get you the answers you need to stop fraudsters at the point of of application — which is no easy task. Learn more about the key features and benefits in this customer presentation.

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Account Verification Enables Smart Growth With Less Fraud

By matching credit card or bank account information with a verified identity in real-time, your business can increase conversion rates and minimize risk of chargebacks for card-not-present (CNP) fraud. Plus: Real-time verification can streamline and expedite the payment process, while also providing customers with the flexibility to use a credit card or bank account.

Grow your business, maximize revenue and keep fraud losses down with Account Verification.


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Connect with our sales team and discover how this product can meet your business needs.
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Contact Us

Connect with our sales team and discover how this product can meet your business needs.

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Explore the Account Verification API, view API reference documentation, and test it out in our sandbox.