Pre-Employment Screening

Make more informed hiring decisions and help reduce employee turnover with accurate data about candidates’ employment history


Hire Smarter With Verified Employment Information

Hiring new employees can be hard. How do you know if you're bringing on the right people for your business? Having more reliable, accurate employment data helps make these critical decisions easier. For accurate verified data and more informed hiring decisions, you need a trusted authority, Equifax Workforce Solutions.

Our pre-employment screening solutions can help you quickly and confidently confirm a candidate's work history and experience. Reviewing tenure can be easier with Workforce Solutions as well, and may not require contacting previous employers. With a full view of your candidates’ employment history, you can hire the people who are likely to stay longer and help reduce the high cost of employee turnover.   

Hire smarter with quick and up-front access to verified employment information from Equifax.  

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We can help you make more informed hiring decisions.
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Begin Improving Your Quality of Hire with Pre-Employment Verification Data

Employee turnover is costly, and hiring people that are more likely to stay is one way to help avoid major losses. Pre-employment verifications help you know more about a candidate to further enhance your ability to make more informed hiring decisions. These deeper insights into a candidate’s employment history can be a good indicator of whether or not they will stay with your company long term. 

Learn more about how you can help reduce turnover and improve retention with a streamlined pre-employment verification process.

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