Equifax + Google Cloud

Accelerate Business Growth with Equifax Data Solutions on Google Cloud

Simplified, Modern, Governed, and Secure Data-Sharing
in BigQuery from Google Cloud

Deliver data-driven outcomes for your business with fast access to differentiated data and actionable insights only Equifax can deliver
Locate, subscribe, merge, and analyze data within Google Cloud's serverless data warehouse, BigQuery - with no storage costs or ETL.
Combine Equifax datasets with third and first-party data for rich analysis and use built-in ML/AI and BI tools for insights at scale.
Governed + Secure
Take advantage of the in-depth governance, encryption, and security from BigQuery, Cloud KMS, Cloud IAM, VPC Security Controls, and more. 

Market Leaders Leverage our Differentiated Data and Predictive Analytics across the B2C and B2B Customer Journey


Get to know your customers and prospects better with one of the largest commercial marketing databases in North America

  • Coverage on 61M US businesses and 185M global businesses
  • Compiled from more than 160 sources
  • EFX ID linkage to reveal corporate families
  • Marketability and out-of-business indicator
  • Triple corroboration of newly formed businesses

Credit Trends

Build flexible market strategies with comprehensive consumer credit perspectives
  • Anonymous, linked, time-series credit data
  • Represents 100% of US credit-active population
  • Covers all consumer loan obligations/credit lines
  • 20 mutually exclusive product categories
  • No personally identifiable information

Analytic Dataset

Gain more consumer insights and create better predictive models with borrower-level data

  • Anonymous, non-attributed loan-level data from 2005
    to present
  • 10% unbiased sample of the US credit-active population
  • Covers all consumer loan obligations/credit lines
  • Link performance of each loan over time
  • Link behavior of same consumers over time

Leverage the Power of Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s extensive data tools bring even greater value to your Equifax data

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