Impact for Healthcare

With compliance challenges, ongoing legislative changes, and an unpredictable economy, more healthcare providers are turning to Equifax for the pertinent data, innovative technology and proven analytical solutions needed to successfully manage a myriad of industry-specific challenges. We provide customized solutions for providers, payers, state Medicaid agencies, healthcare collections, and debt-purchasing entities.

When it comes to meeting your fraud mitigation and identity proofing requirements, Equifax offers an innovative collection of capabilities designed to help protect you and your patients. We leverage unique data resources, sophisticated analytics and state of the art technologies to verify eligibility and credentials, proactively mitigate fraud and increase data security by providing deep insight around your users' identities.

Our tailored workforce solutions are designed to address compliance and operations concerns – we help with I-9 compliance, ACA management, onboarding documentation and verifications of income and employment through services in hiring compliance, unemployment cost management, employment verifications and data analytics.

We help with accurate presumptive charity assignments with improved reporting for revised IRS Form 990 and employment and income verification. We add value to accounts receivable management by helping maximize payment performance, determining a patient’s propensity to pay, facilitating patient access, updating patient contact information, reducing costs and optimizing resources.