We provide data solutions that help you deliver personalized experiences while ensuring your customers are playing responsibly.

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Both in-person and online gaming and gambling companies need solutions that improve the player experience and meet industry regulations. By preventing fraud and ensuring the financial security of customers you can enable trust.

​​​​​​​Our cloud-native data and analytics solutions deliver holistic insights so you can:

  • Deliver a better gaming experience with right-time offers specific to your players financial durability and capacity to spend
  • Enhance your marketing efforts for both in-person and digital gaming
  • Scale and adapt your operations to keep current with iGaming and gambling regulations
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Who We Serve

We service the unique needs of the gaming industry including product solutions for:
Licensed physical, brick-and-mortar gaming establishments
iGaming & Sportsbetting 
Regulated online casinos and sportsbooks
Social online gaming
Online Gaming
Online competitive and social video gaming
Vendors & Suppliers
Suppliers of products or services used by gaming operators
Sports Teams
Associations, sports teams and leagues
Many gaming companies don’t have the full financial picture of their players.

Discover how Equifax is helping gaming companies tackle stagnant marketing efforts with insights into their players' full financial profile. 
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Offer Better Player Experiences

  • Fast & easy account setup with digital identification
  • Recommendations using predictive analysis of player preferences and behaviors
  • Insights on your ideal customer's demographics and preferences (firmographics) can help you identify new customer segments to target, and improve your existing loyalty and rewards programs.
  • Data regarding risky financial thresholds to help you identify and prevent fraud quickly

Identify and Prevent Fraud

  • Monitor activity during account setup and player journey to reduce fraud
  • Comply with anti-money laundering regulations with our Know Your Customer (KYC) capabilities
  • Flag activities with a better understanding of a player’s personal data and income patterns
  • Authenticate and verify the digital identity of players, devices, IP address locations and more

Navigate Evolving Regulations

  • Acknowledge player exclusion obligations at account creation
  • Promote responsible gaming with financial and behavioral player insights
  • Configure and scale operations in alignment with ever-changing state, federal and global regulations
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Capitalize on Immediate Opportunities with Cloud-Native Technology

Given the immense opportunities in the Gaming industry today, Equifax empowers gaming businesses to innovate faster, solve pressing challenges and develop experiences based on a more complete picture of players. Learn more about our cloud offerings in our developer portal, where you can find self-service APIs and discover how our cloud-based solutions can meet your most pressing needs. Visit our Developer Portal for access.
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