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Access the data and capabilities you need to fuel your online and offline marketing and lending campaigns.

Integrate our Insights into your Initiatives

Our partnerships across the digital ecosystem and with top solution providers means our financial insights are easily accessible from the platforms and technologies you already use. Plus we can help you accelerate your marketing efforts and make your campaign execution even easier.

Top Digital Partners

Access our financial insights through leading marketing platforms and technologies

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Enhance Customer Engagement Online

Our relationships across the digital industry help you leverage our financial insights to connect with your target audiences through the marketing channels they view, interact with, and experience throughout their day.
⦁    Create and target optimal audiences
⦁    Onboard desired segments
⦁    Expand channel reach to include display, mobile, addressable TV, internet radio, social media sites, and more

Seamlessly access the data you need from your current platforms

Access our financial insights from the data marketplaces, DMPs, and other digital providers that you already use. Choose the data you need to enhance your marketing campaigns and models - from credit, to wealth and economic insights, to digital targeting segments based on buying propensity and financial capacity, to commercial, and more. Combine our financial insights with your own to boost your analytics and decision-making - and better reach your desired audiences.
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