Don't let identity theft catch you off-guard

Life is full of surprises, and identity theft can be one of them. When it comes to your credit and finances, we know you’ve worked hard to get where you are. Let us help you understand identity theft and the steps you can take to help better protect yourself everyday.

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If you’re just beginning to learn about identity theft and the ways in which it can occur, why not start with the basics of Identity Theft 101?

Getting Started with Identity Theft

It’s never too late to start learning about identity theft. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to understand the basics: What exactly is identity theft? Who is most at risk? What are some things you do every day that might put you at the greatest risk for becoming a victim? Learn some of the latest methods identity thieves are using when it comes to this complex and constantly-evolving crime.

Learn the basics
If you pride yourself in the smart habits you apply every day when it comes to identity theft protection, then keep up the good work and learn more about the ways to stay ahead of tomorrow’s identity thief.

Staying Focused

Even if you change your complex passwords on a regular basis, your focused habits might not prevent you from being a victim of identity theft. Are you up to speed on all of the ways your smartphone may be hacked and your personal information compromised? Take your identity theft knowledge to the next level by staying in the know.

Learn the basics
You may have been suffering from data breach fatigue, but don’t get caught up in all of chatter. Separate the noise from the news and find out what you should do if you’ve been notified your information is involved in a data breach.

I’m Involved in a Data Breach

If you've recently been notified that your information was involved in a data breach, you likely have a lot of questions. We're here to help answer those questions and help you understand the steps you may take to help better protect your identity in the future.

Learn what to do
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