Fraud & Identity Theft

Explore ways to better protect your information, plus the warning signs of fraud and identity theft, and what to do if you believe your identity has been stolen.

7 Things to Know About Fraud Alerts

Do you know what fraud alerts do, what types are available or how they work? Here are 7 things you might not know about fraud alerts.

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8 Facts About Security Freezes

A security freeze, also known as a credit freeze, is one tool you can use to help protect your personal information against fraud or identity theft. Learn more about freezing your credit reports.

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[Video] Are You Familiar With Security Freezes and Credit Report Locks?

At their most basic, a credit report lock and a security freeze are similar — both restrict certain access to your credit reports. But they’re not exactly the same. Knowing the difference between the two may help you make an informed decision about how you can better control access to your credit reports.

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How Does Identity Theft Happen?

Identity thieves have gotten more sophisticated in their methods. The following includes some of the ways identity theft may happen.

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How Can I Better Protect Against Identity Theft?

While it may not be possible to completely protect yourself from identity theft, there are some steps you can take to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim. 

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Types of Identity Theft

Learn about the most common types of identity theft, and what you can do to better protect yourself against being a victim.

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What is Phishing?

Don't take the phishing bait. Learn about some ways to make sure messages are legitimate before you click on a link or open an attachment.

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Identity Theft: What it is, What to Do

Being a victim of identity theft can be a frightening experience. Learn more about the warning signs of ID theft and what to do if you believe your identity has been stolen.

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Lost Credit Card: 4 Things to Do

Can't find your credit card? Don't panic. Here's a quick list of four things to do if you've misplaced a credit or debit card.

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Help Prevent ID Theft While Traveling: Your Packing List

Packing for vacation? Here's some things to consider bringing -- and leaving at home -- to help reduce your risk of identity theft.

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Tax-Related ID Theft: A Primer

Learn what tax-related identity theft is; steps to take if you believe you're a victim; and how to help better protect yourself against tax-related identity theft.

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Helping Protect Seniors from Fraud and Identity Theft

Are the seniors in your life aware of fraud and identity theft risks? Here are some ways to educate them on steps they can take to help better protect themselves.

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