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Exactly What We Do for Customers Is Different in Each Case

Every business is singular, and every customer interaction is a highly personalized 1:1 proposition. But in each instance, our goal is simple: to work with our customers to create data-driven solutions that are as personal as they are profitable. 

Only Equifax has capabilities across marketing, risk, and fraud that serve the entire customer journey — and your entire enterprise.

Driving Smarter Revenue and Improving Customer Experiences

Only Equifax can provide better predictive outcomes, faster decisions, more targeted products and offerings, and mitigated risk — across the customer journey.

Proactively respond to market changes

Develop effective strategies based on market trends and competitive environments.
  • Predict business outcomes in uncertain economic environments
  • Uncover hidden portfolio risks
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Grow your business with the right new customers

Reach and verify your best customers, while presenting the right offers, at the right time, on the right channel.
  • Remove friction while balancing risk and reducing manual reviews by 30%
  • Extend offers up to 20% to more customers with invisible, limited, or subprime credit
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Nurture loyalty and grow share of wallet, while mitigating risk

Upsell your best customers with the right offers and optimize account relationships. 
  • Spot, mitigate, and manage customer risk to save up to 33% on annual charge offs
  • Understand and react to changes in customer finances and/or behaviors
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End customer relationships smoothly and still create advocates

Protect relationships and prioritize accounts to reduce collection costs. 
  • Retain high-value customers and reduce attrition
  • Prevent expansion of relationships with fraudulent accounts
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Why Only Equifax

We apply our Risk, Marketing and Fraud expertise to business challenges across B2C and B2B customer journeys.  Leveraging the Equifax Cloud, we offer a powerful combination of differentiated data, advanced analytics, a cloud-native data fabric, and scalable global platforms to deliver unrivaled decision intelligence for customers.

Cloud-Native Data Fabric

Unlock frictionless access in a distributed environment. Smarter decisioning and forward-thinking innovation can be realized through our organized and connected data.

Unique Data

Integrate your company knowledge with our direct measured, differentiated consumer/household data and the most complete set of commercial data to ensure the richest, most recent, and most robust portrait of people available.

Advanced Analytics

Alleviate guesswork and make accurate, in-the-moment decisions with xAI and deep learning. Our advanced analytics result in replicability and lower operational costs.

Scalable Global Platforms

Differentiated data, predictive analytics, and streamlined decisioning, all delivered in one cloud-native environment for agility — from analytics to production — with multiple deployment options via the cloud.

Case Studies

See how we’ve enabled our customers to drive smarter revenue and achieve better customer experiences.
Credit Union Built Deposits and Grew Brand Recognition

Generated $32.3M in new deposits by reaching high-potential, segmented audience via personalized, and more.

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Financial Institution Unlocks Untapped Growth

Generated $70M in new deposits and exceeded growth goal by 60% by finding untapped deposit-growth potential.

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Regional Bank Builds Better New Customer Relationships

Optimized prospecting and identified an audience of high-asset consumers with 500% more deposit opportunity.

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Wireless Carrier Improved Acquisition and Drives ROI Growth

Improved acquisition achieving a $500,000 ROI and improved the predictability of its non-churn model by 1.5%.

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Increase Retail Credit Approval and Reduce Fraud

National retailer increased consumer credit approvals and reduced fraud risk by >73%.

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Grow Credit Card Offers While Mitigating Risk

Expanded card approvals by 10% without altering risk level and drove $6.4M in incremental profits.

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