Equifax Ignite® 

Get faster decisions from analytics to execution

Equifax Ignite is Moving to the Cloud

A unified experience that combines the best of data and analytics with decisioning execution, providing:

  • Rapid access to unique data via Equifax Ignite for more predictive insights
  • Advanced attribute and modeling tools for automated deployment
  • Automated feedback to evaluate results
  • Flexible, modular applications that support your existing technology platforms

So you can make smarter decisions faster. Read the eBook.

What Makes Equifax Ignite Different

Differentiated data, predictive analytics and streamlined decisioning you can’t get anywhere else, all delivered in one cloud-based environment.

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Powerful Data
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Automated Deployment
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Self-Updating Models
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Explainable and Adaptive AI
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Keying and Linking

Helping Solve Your Analytics Challenges

Hear It From Our Expert

Watch the videos below to hear Mike Griffith, SVP of Equifax Ignite Global Platforms, discuss the most common analytics challenges our capabilities can help solve.

Access Data

Quickly access predictive and differentiated data

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Link Data

Get a complete picture across multiple data sources

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Generate Insights

Leverage machine learning and modeling automation

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Deploy Insights

Move from analytics to production (A2P) faster

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Optimize Decisions

Quickly assess and enhance performance

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How to Access Equifax Ignite

Build it yourself or let us build it for you.
Quickly move from analytics to production with multiple deployment options via the cloud.
Bring big data to life.

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