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Turn your challenges into competitive advantages with differentiated data, advanced analytics and cloud-native data fabric. Let us help you achieve profitable growth in any economic environment while enabling a more seamless customer experience.

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Who We Serve

Card Issuers
Credit Unions

Uncover Hidden Risks and Unrecognized Opportunity

Changing economic conditions can alter the financial landscape for consumer and commercial customers. Stay on top of the latest data from Equifax that helps reveal current trends and outlook. Protect and grow your business with more predictive insights to inform strategic decisions.

Grow Deposits

Maintain the liquidity required to support your lending goals.
Measure the deposit opportunity in your target markets and assess how you are performing. Leverage advanced consumer insights to identify current customers with significant deposits held outside your firm, and prospects that hold the most opportunity to drive growth.

Build Portfolio Resilience

Develop a regular and reliable cadence to monitor risk profile changes across your products and services. Financial durability scoring, and employment status can be effective leading indicators of change. These and other data driven insights and alerts can enable a more timely risk mitigation response and help you build a resilient foundation.

Expand Access to Credit

Lift underserved communities with insights that can help identify inclusive and responsible lending opportunities. Alternative data provides a more comprehensive view of a consumer's financial capacity. Adding differentiated Equifax data to traditional credit information helps lenders say yes more without accepting additional risk.

Key Stats

less fraud, by using our advanced digital enablement capabilities and consumer insights.
KS lift - when compared to a traditional score, enhancing the ability to identify consumers that should be swapped out. 
potential targeted growth in commercial loan portfolios.

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Financial Institution Partners

We have partnered with more than 180 lending platforms to offer financial service providers data solutions to make confident lending decisions and insights on their potential customers.

How You Can Benefit from our Partnerships

  • Improve operational efficiencies: Reduce manual validation processes by automating credit insights, income and employment verification data, and identity and fraud solutions in your LOS.
  • Faster time to funding: Data you need to confidently originate and fund a loan is easily accessible in one place.
  • Seamless customer experience: Give your customers and members their preferred lending experience by processing auto, card, and personal loans faster and more accurately.
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Products & Solutions

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