Product Overview

AVM Insight™ offers an advanced automated valuation model that helps mortgage issuers, portfolio managers, and investors better monitor and reduce mortgage risk throughout the lifecycle of a mortgage loan.

Our unique model leverages non-traditional data and multiple valuation methods to transform residential property data into meaningful insight of the risk or opportunity of a given asset. The result is estimated property valuations that are accurate, transparent, repeatable, and traceable.

Who’s It For

Mortgage lenders

Access up-to-date property valuations for new mortgages and home equity loans


Leverage property valuations to help meet ALLL regulatory guidelines

Portfolio managers and investors

Monitor loan portfolios and lists to mitigate risk and identify lending opportunities
Product Sheet

Foundation of differentiated data and advanced modeling

The foundation of our best-in-class automated property valuation solution includes non-traditional data sources, unique market segmentation capabilities, and multiple valuation methods.
Plus, our model allows you to see the underlying data that supports an estimated value, providing a more transparent solution. With AVM Insight, mortgage lenders, managers, and investors gain an unparalleled level of insight into the valuation process and the collateral risk on their balance sheets.

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Collateral valuation across the mortgage loan lifecycle

AVM Insights can be used to access property valuations throughout the entire mortgage and home equity loan lifecycle - including prospecting for new customers, underwriting, account management, default management, and more. Plus, AVM Insights can help facilitate compliance with federal Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) regulatory guidelines.

Manage collateral risk with our automated valuation model

With AVM Insight, mortgage lenders, portfolio managers, and investors gain access to an advanced property valuation solution that provides unparalleled transparency into the valuation process.

AVM Insights leverages differentiated data and multiple valuation methods to offer more accurate insight into collateral value. Financial firms can use AVM Insight to grow their confidence in mortgage and home equity acquisition strategies, underwriting, risk management, and loss mitigation decisions.

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