Navigate Complex Markets

Winning in today's mortgage banking market is more complicated than ever, causing you to spend time and money on procedural and regulatory needs rather than customer relationships. You need a business partner who will help navigate these growing complexities. Equifax has unparalleled depth of industry knowledge, data assets, and analytic capabilities to help guide the way.

Generate More Quality Leads

Capture more of the right borrowers by applying predictive insights to your targeting strategies. Learn More >>

Produce Quality Loan Files

Facilitate compliance and reduce repurchase risk with verified information from the source. Learn More >>

Assess Loan File Quality

Ease the mortgage loan audit process with a single source for verification of all loan documentation. Learn More >>

Locate and Mitigate Risk

Manage portfolio risk and meet capital adequacy requirements with consumer and collateral data from a single source. Learn More >>

Manage Default

Mitigate the risk of defaults and foreclosures while reducing unnecessary manual reviews. Learn More >>

Obtain stronger insights about your borrowers and their loans at critical decision points.

Featured Products and Solutions
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring
Gain more transparency into undisclosed debt with a proprietary monitoring platform
Mortgage Lead Generation Models
Acquire and retain more actionable customers
Prescreen Direct with Property
Zero in on property data for more targeted home equity and mortgage marketing
Multi-Family Solutions
Identify and approve quality renters quickly and efficiently
AVM Insight
Optimize your collateral valuation process while reducing costs
Our flagship tri-merge credit report, now containing trended data
Collateral Value Connector
Optimize your collateral valuation process while reducing costs
InstaTouch® Suite
Less Friction. Better Experiences. Faster Acquisition.