Product Overview

Instant Client Insights™(ICI) Suite enable social services agencies to implement comprehensive real-time verifications for eligibility, renewal and recertification, and to perform proactive client portfolio monitoring for relevant life changes including income, employment, address, phone, email, as well as deceased status and incarceration tip-and-lead data.

Who It's For

Social Services Administrator
Audit and reconcile eligibility, assess ability to repay overpayments.


Social Services Caseworker
Advise clients, determine program eligibility, and monitor eligibility status after income and other life changes.

ICI Built with Government Clients Priorities in Mind

Improve Program Integrity
Streamline Efficiencies
Make It Easier to Apply for Benefits
Source: 2018 Equifax Social Service Verification Study

Helping Deliver Benefits Faster to Those in Need

The ICI Suite brings together the power of The Work Number® and other Equifax data sources into one delivery platform to help streamline the benefit eligibility process, from application through renewal.

The ICI Suite offerings include:

  • ICI for Eligibility helps workers run point-in-time searches when they need to 
  • ICI Case Monitor™ notifies workers of relevant life changes that may impact benefit eligibility by monitoring specific populations such as Medicaid beneficiaries, hard-to-locate non-custodial parents, and SNAP/TANF beneficiaries.

Key Benefits

Access 24/7

Verifications completed quickly at any time, even when an employer is closed.

Improve User and Applicant Experience

Single point of delivery for multiple data sets improving operational efficiencies.

Increase Speed to Decision

Make quicker decisions with data-driven solutions that are helpful across various points of the benefit lifecycle.

Enhanced View of Applicant

Broader picture of an applicant with real-time delivery of data insights. 

Scalable and Flexible 

Integrates within existing workflows and configures to address diverse requirements.
Monitor Life Changes That May Impact Benefit Determinations

The Instant Client Insights Case Monitor solution helps social service agencies provide continuity of benefits with relevant beneficiary life changes such as income, employment, address, and incarceration status. This  enables for timely decision-making across the benefit lifecycle, from initial determinations to  recertifications and renewals.

White Paper

Paving the Way Toward Streamlined Social Services

State governments are transforming social services by deploying technologies that help streamline the eligibility determination process. Read our report featuring interviews with top state health leaders to learn more about the challenges they face, lessons learned and best practices to optimize the delivery of public assistance programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF.
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Data-Driven Insights at Each Step

  • Validate applicant's identity
  • Streamline the application process
  • Help determine potentially improper payments
  • Identify life changes affecting eligibility on an ongoing basis
  • Confirm benefit renewals and recertifications
  • Create a record for audit and recovery purposes

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