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Powering online marketing with financial insights

Fuel Your Acquisition Strategies with Household Economic Insights

Find and reach consumers with the willingness and financial means to convert and extend you offline acquisition efforts to online. 
We help you (and your agencies) to market to audiences through digital channels. We help you connect your offline and online marketing campaigns and find, reach and better communicate with consumers with the estimated financial capacity and propensity to buy your products and services. We offer over 800 digital targeting segments and have a presence on all major digital ad platforms, plus Addressable TV and internet radio.

Real-life case studies to improve your online advertising

Better Digital Advertising Through Data eBook - Advertisers can benefit from additional data sources to target the right consumers and help improve online advertising campaigns. Leverage your offline data in multi-channel campaigns and eliminate wasted ad spend while achieving the best results.

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Accelerate campaign success with financial insights

Invigorate acquisition campaigns by leveraging digital channels to extend message reach, optimize budgets and enable consumers to respond to offers faster. Strengthen your digital targeting with high-potential audiences for online offers based on financial profiles, behaviors and preferences.

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Auto acquisition campaign beats KPIs by 74%

To fuel email acquisition campaigns and improve marketing ROI, a major auto brand combined auto in-market indicators with our proprietary household financial and economic capacity data. The campaign generated incremental vehicle sales and beat KPI goals.

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800+ Digital Targeting Segments

Online marketers can find more appropriate audiences and improve targeting based on estimated consumer financial capacity, spending, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics.

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