What is the status of my product purchase?

If you've successfully placed an order, the confirmation page will state the status of the order.  If the order is "Complete", you can continue to the Equifax Member Center where you will be able to view the product you've ordered.  If you are no longer logged in, you can log in by entering your user ID and password here.

If your order is still in progress and/or the confirmation page reflects "Retry," please allow up to 24 hours for the order to complete.  We will notify you via email once your order is completed. 

If your order "Fails," please be assured that you will not be charged for your order.  An order failure usually occurs when we've run into an issue while compiling the information for your order.  If this happens, please contact Customer Care and we'll be happy to look into the issue as well as resubmit an order for you.  

You can reach us at (866) 640-2273, 8am - 3am ET, 7 days a week. 

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