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Consumer Information Solutions


Are you a financial institution, telco or B2C company?

Equifax helps you leverage the most relevant consumer information to gain unprecedented insight into your customer base. Understanding a consumer's credit capacity, character and collateral issues are key to making sound risk decisions in today's economy. For many of the world's leading businesses in the financial services, retail, auto, mortgage, communications/utilities and other sectors, Equifax is part of their essential decision-making fabric and an intrinsic part of their business.

Risk Management

Risk management in an evolving economy requires a more in-depth view of consumer credit health. Traditional risk management measures, like credit scores alone, may not provide enough insight for marketing optimization and profitable portfolio management.



Targeted marketing helps you get the most out of your marketing investment. Base your marketing decisions on a sound understanding of your customers, and they will reward you with higher marketing return on investment. But a targeted marketing program is only as good as the consumer insight that feeds it. That’s where Equifax can help . . .


Our technology, analytics and data combine to provide customers with the power to make real-time decisions — no matter what their industry. While many of our services are used by today’s leading financial institutions and retailers — in fact, Equifax was named to the FORTUNE 2007 list of America’s Most Admired Companies in the Financial Data Services category — Equifax plays an integral role in the success of many organizations that specialize in other areas such as automotive, communications/utilities, healthcare and mortgage. The benefit to your business? Targeted, custom services that fit the specific needs of your industry.


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