Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Information Questions

How do I update my company information if an ownership change occurs?

Contact the sales representative assigned to the Equifax account. If you are not sure of your current sales representative, please contact customer service at 800-685-5000


How do I update my company profile information online?

To update your company profile information online, send an email from management to The submitted email MUST originate from a company email address.


How do I cancel my account?

Reference the 'Customer Account Cancellation Form' in the Related Resources section at the top of this page. Fill the form out completely and email to The email must originate from a company email address.

All requests must be signed and approved by a member of management.

Password and Technical Questions

How do I reset my e-Port password?

Enter your User ID and click the Password Help button. Your password will be emailed to you after correctly answering the challenge questions


You will be presented with a listing of your company administrators who you can contact to reset your password.


How do I reset my password on the MicroBilt "Credit Commander" site?

Click on the Forgot Password link.  Enter a user name and the password will be emailed to the email address on file.  For assistance if locked out, please call 800 685-5000.


How do I open a ticket / service request?

To open a Service Request online, fill out our Product & Technical Support form.


Contact the Business Customer Support Team via email or Telephone using the following information:

For Support for:

  • Interconnect
  • eID Verifier
  • eID Compare
  • DecisionPower

Contact or 877.420.7345 - Select 1 for Interconnect/eID products, Select 2 for DecisionPower

For Support for all other products contact or 800.685.5000