Furnishing Data to Equifax

A Seamless Way to Supply Consumer Data

By sharing consumer credit data with Equifax you play a critical role in helping develop a more comprehensive and current picture of a consumer's credit situation which can be used to drive more well-informed lending and credit decisions. Contributing data is a simple and seamless process. Your business benefits by having access to a more complete consumer credit picture which can help you: 

  • Identify opportunities for consumers to strengthen their credit standing 

  • Defend consumers against identity theft and fraud 

  • Understand a consumer's current standing from an up-to-date perspective 

  • Open more routes for consumers to take advantage of promotions and offers 

  • Support informed consumer decisions 

You can contribute your data to Equifax with confidence. We take our responsibility as a trusted data steward very seriously. We maintain a strong focus on data security that includes having a global ISO 27001 security certification and expert compliance teams who are dedicated to data protection. 

An extensive and inclusive picture of a consumer's credit standing benefits both consumers and businesses. Contributing consumer credit data is simple and getting started is easy.