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Workforce Solutions


Need to manage employment and income verification?

Equifax Workforce Solutions replaces slow, paper-based tasks so that organizations can provide better, faster employee service. We enable organizations to meet today's demands for reduced costs and higher service levels. 9,000 organizations, including 3/4 of Fortune 500 companies, are served with Workforce Solutions web-based services in three employment-related areas. Hiring, Compliance, and Pay Reporting.


Services include employment and income verifications through The Work Number®, unemployment tax management, and I-9 management.


Services include onboarding and tax credits and incentives.

Pay Reporting

Services include electronic time capture, paperless pay, and W-2 management.

Equifax Employment Benchmarks

Equifax offers the only hiring, pay, and turnover benchmarks that are based on real employment data – not self-reported survey information. With insight into the latest workforce trends, you can compare your business to reliable industry benchmarks, make key business decisions, and remain competitive in today’s economy. 


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