Some scores are better than others

The VantageScore Story

What are Credit Scores?
A credit score is a rating used by a lender to help determine whether you qualify for a particular credit card, loan, or service. The credit reporting company analyzes information in your credit file using a complex mathematical model to yield your credit score.

Most credit scores estimate the risk a company incurs by extending you credit – specifically, the likelihood that you'll fail to make payments in the next two years. The higher the score, the less risk you present.

What is VantageScore?
VantageScore was developed using information from all three credit reporting companies (CRCs). It fuses extensive credit behavior knowledge with innovative statistical modeling techniques.

The result creates unparalleled score consistency across all three CRCs, plus an unprecedented level of predictive power.

Scores range from 501 to 990 – the higher the score, the lower the likelihood of risk.

Why Will Lenders Use VantageScore?
VantageScore’s across-the-board consistency reduces the need for creditors to manually review applications or impose their own personal methods when determining your credit worthiness. As VantageScore becomes the industry standard, all players in the credit lending market — from consumers to investors — will benefit from increased efficiency and effectiveness.