NeuroDecision™ Technology Overview


NeuroDecision™ is a patent pending service offering for use in evaluating risk predictors with credit data, and other data, on the Equifax high performance analytics platform. NeuroDecision™ can meet regulatory requirements and deliver reason codes that comply with business objectives across many different industries.

Equifax researchers have invented this powerful analytics service, NeuroDecision™, to solve the most difficult non-linear behavior problems. Although neural networks have been around for quite some time, their fundamental challenge has been their “black box” inability to explain a particular modeling outcome. In this video, a real world credit example is detailed using attributes for credit utilization and current savings. The concept of credit scoring using the “maximum points lost” method for determining decision key factors is described. The importance of “monotonic” data is highlighted as a limitation to logistic regression risk models. NeuroDecision™ is revealed as the best solution for powerful and explainable models.

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