The Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?


Device technology is increasingly more pervasive – connected cars, programmable homes, and interactive voice assistants. Consumers now expect immediacy and relevance. They expect to be accommodated on any channel, anytime and anywhere they choose. And financial services are no exception.

Does your digital experience leave customers feeling annoyed or in control? Join Equifax and guest speaker, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, from Forrester Research as we explore how delivering an integrated and frictionless digital experience can improve loyalty and ultimately drive business growth.

Key learnings to help you:

  • Drive business growth through customer experience (CX)
  • Improve CX to drive loyalty which can create a revenue upside of millions of dollars
  • Achieve a laser-like focus on CX may require a journey of deep transformation toward a new mindset and a new way of operating
  • The rising bar of customer expectations is pressuring financial institutions (FIs) to remove friction and increase functionality to create seamless digital experiences for their customers

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