How do I limit the sharing of my information?
How do I limit the sharing of my information?
How can l view my Equifax credit report?
Where can I find the ID theft insurance benefits that are part of my Equifax product?
What is Internet Scanning?
What if I forgot my username or password to sign in?
How do I opt out of marketing emails from Equifax?
What is a credit report confirmation number?
Can my Equifax product prevent or detect all forms of identity theft?
What types of alerts will I receive through my Equifax product?
I am not receiving alerts -- is the product working?
What should I do if I receive a credit monitoring alert?
Why did I receive a credit monitoring alert?
How do I customize my credit score monitoring alerts?
What is the difference between credit scores from Equifax and credit scores from FICO?
If my Equifax credit report is locked, can any information, including new accounts, be posted?
How do I update the credit card used to pay for my product?
Why is a credit card required for a free trial?
How do I know when my free trial expires? When will I begin to be charged for my subscription?
What is a free trial?
When will I be charged for my products?
Why was I charged for my annual Equifax product again?
How do I add another account in my product to receive alerts?
Can I change my usernames and passwords on my financial accounts from the Member Center?
How do I update my account profile information?
How do I cancel my product?
I live outside of the United States. Can I still obtain one of your credit products?
How do I redeem a gift certificate or promotion code?
I have an Equifax product. How often will I receive a credit monitoring, financial or credit score alert?
Why can't I lock my Equifax credit report when it's frozen?
What type of support can I expect with Equifax® Identity Restoration?
What is the status of my product purchase?
Are there any special product limits during the free trial period? What’s included in the free trial?
Where can I see the products I've previously ordered?
How do I enable text alerts with my Equifax product?
How secure is the information I provide to Equifax.com?
How long can I access/view my products?
How do I opt out of pre-screened or pre-approved credit offers?
Can Equifax assist consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing?
I'm paying for an existing Equifax product. Can I still sign up for Lock & Alert?
I'm paying for an existing Equifax product. Can I combine Lock & Alert with my other product?
Am I better off placing a fraud alert, requesting a security freeze, or obtaining a credit report lock?
What is your product cancellation policy?
What is your product refund policy?
Do any Equifax products provide access to a free credit report?
I need help. How can I contact Equifax?