Workforce Risk
Mitigate Workforce Risk With Unique Financial & Employment Data & Predictive Analytics

Learn How to Mitigate Workforce Risk with Behavioral Indicators and Trended Data Analysis

Current gaps in background checks and employee screenings of government workers and contractors who hold security clearances or are in positions of trust are exposing government agencies to malicious insider attacks resulting in IT sabotage, fraud, theft of confidential information and risk to national security. Agency leaders have taken strides to improve current processes and move towards continuous evaluation, but gaps remain that can be readily addressed by better leveraging third party data.

Equifax can help generate risk-based insights that support the evaluation of workforce risk with early warning indicators. Equifax draws on many years of experience working with credit, employment, and identity data and leveraging differential, prescriptive and predictive analysis to create unparalleled insights through a customer-centric approach, flexible delivery methods, and scalable platforms.


Key Benefits

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Improve operational efficiencies of federal agencies and their contractors by applying early warning of risk events in employment suitability, clearance eligibility, and insider threat programs.

Identify Potential Insider Threats

Identify potential insider threats with risk-based analysis, behavioral analytics, and trend patterns of unique financial, credit, and employment data.

Monitor Compliance

Monitor compliance with applicable risk standards and continuous evaluation requirements with risk triggers working in near real-time and on a continual basis.

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