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Social Service Income and Employment Verification
Verifications for Social Services Agencies to determine eligibility
The Work Number Alert: Portfolio Monitoring
Track your clients’ changes in income and employment
FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud while maintaining the customer experience
IRS Income Verification - 4506 -T Tax Transcripts
Leverage a reliable source of verified income: IRS tax transcript
Eligibility Verified

Better information drives better decisions. Over the past century, Equifax has become the trusted authority for storing and verifying information, empowering government agencies to make better informed eligibility decisions and facilitating access to valuable assistance programs for deserving citizens. We are the exclusive source for compliant access to the most comprehensive repository of timely, trusted and actionable employment and income data available.

Our unmatched data coverage comes delivered to withstand the most scrutinizing standards in security, privacy and compliance. Government agencies, as well as commercial employers and creditors, trust Equifax to store, protect, manage and, when authorized, release their valued data assets. This allows us to consistently provide controlled data accessibility to qualified eligibility verifiers in real-time, enabling quick and informed decision making, while mitigating fraud.

Our respected leadership in data stewardship and proven verification processes streamline information retrieval and mitigate fraud, benefiting both the government agencies tasked with verifying eligibility as well as the American citizens utilizing their programs. Now, you can connect directly to the source for the most current, relevant information available.

Our level of data coverage, combined with leading technology innovation and commitment to superior service, means your experience will match the quality of the data we provide. We verify all information in-house - hosting and managing all data, verification fulfillment and call centers internally - to ensure consistent results.