Featured Products and Solutions
Account Verification
Helps meet NIST LOA3 requirements for identity proofing
FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud while maintaining the customer experience
Program Integrity
Reduce fraud, waste and abuse with improved payment fraud screening
Limit Risk and Fraud

Equifax mitigates the 'pay and chase' challenge of recovering improper refunds or payments by providing detection and analysis before payments are made. Our fraud detection solution helps government entities to more efficiently use public funds by vetting claims against Equifax's comprehensive data sets, data mining and matching, and analytics. The Equifax solution pre-emptively targets fraud using advanced rules engines, analytics, and data to perform identity, employment, wage, and other verification services to assist in detecting and mitigating fraud, while also providing assistance after fraud or overpayment has occurred.

Implementing automatic fraud scoring and triggers during the initial review of payment applications ensures that payments are stopped before fraud has been perpetuated. This saves not only the amount of the payment, but also the costly, and sometimes unsuccessful, collections process. Automated fraud scoring results in up to 90% reduction in manual reviews. This means that review periods are shortened and those applicants that have their access revoked can no longer continue fraud through an attempt at re-enrollment.

Equifax's suite of solutions provides the authentication and identity proofing needed to help meet regulatory mandates or guidelines, and also provides taxation agencies with the flexibility to integrate risk management principles into their process.