Product Overview
Streamline Your State Specific Notifications

There is a growing employer risk as states increasingly implement employment laws that require unique forms to be distributed, acknowledged by employees, and retained by employers. For example: New Hire Wage Acknowledgement Forms, Commission Contracts and Annual Notifications. These required forms have created additional risk and complexity that increases cost to the employers.

The Equifax Compliance Center technology portal provides a flexible, secure, and central platform to manage these critical state specific compliance needs for your employee population.

  • Reduce risk and increase efficiency - We can automate your process, securely delivering notifications with accuracy and timeliness to meet all requirements.
  • Complete audit trail - Through proper record retention and detailed reporting, Compliance Center provides a comprehensive audit trail in the case of a follow-up investigation by the DOL.
  • Flexibility - Compliance Center allows for configuration flexibility that can be modified to meet evolving requirements or business need changes.


To learn more about how we can support your State Specific Notifications, please contact us.