Automate Eligibility Verifications

Social Service agencies today are tasked to manage increasing caseloads with staff reductions and flat or declining budgets. The results equate to delays in assistance and overpayment errors. This is why government agencies  turn to Equifax for timely and comprehensive identity, income and employment data delivered securely, on-demand.

As a trusted data steward with vast knowledge regarding regulatory compliance, and a leading innovator for over a century, Equifax is committed to enriching organizational performance as well as the lives of Americans. We empower social service agencies to prevent fraud and make informed decisions related to benefits eligibility based on unrivaled data assets delivered securely and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

We offer a suite of solutions that deliver clear insights into an applicant's current employment status, employer and IRS income and identity authentication, helping ensure that qualified individuals receive fast and easy access to the services they deserve while also mitigating fraudulent activity.

The Work Number, our proprietary database of current pay period income and employment data is the largest available, containing millions of employment records, updated through direct feeds from thousands of employers. In addition, we provide 4506-T tax transcript fulfillment to paint the full income picture, including non-employment income. With fraud on the rise, we can also help validate applicants are who they say they are by assessing SSN validity.