Provider Screening
Reduce improper payments with provider fraud screening

Provider screening

Agencies face a constant challenge of providing payment for services as fast as possible to comply with prompt pay laws while trying to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Meeting this challenge efficiently in the era of digital identity and changing regulations can be difficult.


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Equifax offers a provider screening solution that automates the initial stages of the provider enrollment process, using a combination of unique data sources and tested analytics to automatically verify information submitted on a provider's enrollment application—including licensure status.  The solution replaces the time- and resource-intensive manual review of the enrollment application that is usually done.

Equifax's solution presents a complete view of each applicant as well as the alerts and analytics to determine the next time the provider should be evaluated for potential fraud. The solution cleanses the core information about the provider, using a 'best match' data feature to provide corrections to potentially mis-keyed names, addresses, telephone numbers, or Social Security Numbers. It then reviews relevant information about provider credentials, criminal background, and an array of unique identity data to deliver the most complete picture of a provider's identity and fraud risk.