Program Integrity

Reduce fraud, waste and abuse with improved payment fraud screening

Program integrity

Agencies face a constant challenge of providing benefits and payments promptly in order to meet program standards and constituent expectations while also reducing fraud, waste, and abuse.

Meeting the challenge of program integrity efficiently in the era of digital identity and growing program needs can be difficult. Traditional methods of evaluating the identity and the fraud potential an applicant are inconsistent, inaccurate, and not scalable to the current infrastructure. Equifax has solutions that present a complete view of each applicant as well as the alerts and analytics to determine potential fraud.


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Manual screening processes are often time-consuming procedures focused on verifying the accuracy and completeness of the information submitted by providers on traditional applications. These checks can ensure that addresses are correct or that Social Security numbers are valid. However, the process usually does not include specific fraud or risk-based analytics. Any assessment of risk in the screening process is primarily focused on specific categories of high-risk provider types after a significant amount of fraud had already occurred.

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