Featured Products and Solutions
Social Service Income and Employment Verification
Verifications for Social Services Agencies to determine eligibility
The Work Number Alert: Portfolio Monitoring
Track your clients’ changes in income and employment
Identity Assessment and Authentication
Multi-tiered, cost effective identity solution delivering crucial intelligence for fraud prevention
Account Verification
Helps meet NIST LOA3 requirements for identity proofing
Applicant Eligibility and Fraud
Verifing the eligibility criteria of applicants
FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud while maintaining the customer experience
Program Integrity
Reduce fraud, waste and abuse with improved payment fraud screening
Tax Management Services
Tax management that reduces tax liability and risk through unemployment and tax credit strategies
Prevent Fraud

With the volume and variety of fraud rapidly increasing, agencies need real-time solutions that will detect fraud and verify an applicant's identity, and also efficient, versatile tools that will help streamline manual review process and facilitate compliance. Our ability to combine robust data, predictive analytics and patented technology allows agencies to effectively fight identity fraud and confidently allow remote access to sensitive data.

Equifax offers solutions to fight synthetic and true-name fraud, along with real-time detection of velocity and behavioral patterns that are indicative of suspicious activity. Our identity assets include credit, employment, income, demographic, utility, device ID and other differentiated data sources. We provide advanced analytics and software to improve fraud capture rates, and dramatically decrease false positives.

Our identity proofing process does not use pre-registered answers. Instead, the identity proofing questions are dynamically developed from a variety of sources to maximize the ability to uniquely identify an individual and verify their assertions. We offer identity proofing, screening, verification and authentication tools that all work together — in real-time — to identify applicants, mitigate risks and minimize losses from various types of fraud.