Portal security and privacy

Equifax understand our clients' need to protect private information and prevent misuse and data loss. The security of online transactions depends in large part on the trust and confidence in the asserted identity of the individuals with whom you are conducting business electronically.


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Patient portals can provide greater timeliness and quality of clinical services to patients, plus lower costs and improved convenience of administrative services. However, there are serious risks associated with unauthorized access to highly sensitive health information, including the potential for medical fraud and identity theft. Assurance that only authorized individuals are accessing, viewing, and updating individually identifiable health information and performing transactions within the online channel creates trust that sensitive health records and related information will not be compromised. Using strong multifactor authentication helps keep patient information safe from exposure and loss.

When strong identity proofing and authentication solutions are used, fraud and data misuse is less likely, easier to detect, and the quality and timeliness of service improves dramatically.