Product Overview
Everybody Wins

Choosing Paperless Pay for your employees is like money in the bank. Let us transform your payroll process and be 100% paperless while empowering your employees.

Leverage Equifax to provide a single, seamless interface between your employees and your payroll. Employees are empowered to make updates to their own direct deposit profile through a universally accessible self-service menu, while your payroll team will have more time to focus on their high impact, strategic work.

  • Full compliance - Provide compliant paperless payment options for your employees to eliminate any remaining checks in your process through our integration with major paycard solutions. 
  • Reduce cost - We will develop a customized business case unique to your process highlighting potential cost savings, allowing us to implement and maximize those savings for your organization.
  • Capitalize on our experience - Equifax has assisted numerous organizations across a many different industries in transitioning from a paper-based process to an efficient paperless system.
  • Universal employee access - Your employees will have many different options to access a robust self-service menu. Employees, remote employees, and former employees can access the service through the internet, your intranet portal, or our telephone IVR system.