Secure Online Portals

Homeland security programs seek to build a trust relationship with a broad base of end users to improve information sharing. One of the greatest complexities in sharing information, even at the controlled unclassified information (CUI) level, is making sure that only those who are authorized can get in the system and that the person who posted information to the system is a trustworthy source.

The Equifax platform is unique in its flexibility not only to deliver the authentication and identity proofing that meets NIST LOA 3 standards, but also provides the flexibility to integrate risk management principles into business practices and procedures. It incorporates both discreet verification processes to allow behind-the-scenes vetting, and provides for strengthened authentication based on the riskiness of the identity or the transaction.

Some situations will continue to require face-to-face identity proofing, Equifax understands this and integrates with existing enterprise identity proofing processes. However, we also have the ability to solve the challenge of online or mobile identity validation through the use of our remote identity proofing and verification solutions.

Secure identity proofing and strong authentication provide means by which law enforcement and first responder organizations can share information across organizational boundaries and with external stakeholders and significantly improve confidence that data is only accessed by authorized users.