Product Overview
Compliance Starts from the Beginning

Interactive federal, state, and local W-4 (iW-4) with Equifax improves the efficiency and experience of the onboarding process for both you and your employees. Interactive W-4 completely removes paper forms from your process while improving the overall accuracy of the completed W-4s.

Automating the process helps you reduce costs by eliminating the labor involved with paper handling and error corrections.  The iW-4 intelligent solution automatically presents only the federal, state, and local withholding forms for each employee needs based on home and work address.  Built-in intelligence ensures all mandatory information is completed and calculatuions are done automatically to avoid mathematical errors.

  • Designed for you and your employee - iW-4 is loaded with features to improve the experience for all involved, including:  Built-in-state reciprocity agreements, pre-population of employee information, data being automatically passed onto payroll, HTML design eliminates compatibility issues with PDF forms, and the process is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Accurate - Reduces errors through built in error-checking logic and eliminates re-keying of manual entries. The solution also ensures that the proper forms are delivered based on specified locations or roles.
  • Efficient - iW-4 eliminates time and cost associated with paper, printing and shipping, while helping you manage up-to-date forms and data integration with HRIS or payroll systems.
  • Compliant - Forms are updated regularly and automatically without the need to monitor legislation.  Tax codes and other complex data that otherwise needs to be manually collected from the state website is automatically populated.