Featured Products and Solutions
Account Verification
Helps meet NIST LOA3 requirements for identity proofing
FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud while maintaining the customer experience
Reduce identity fraud and the risks associated with unknown applicants
Program Integrity
Reduce fraud, waste and abuse with improved payment fraud screening
Enhanced Care Through Better Information

Groundbreaking legislation and online access to health information are transforming America's health care system. The enhanced quality of care and cost savings the latest public health policies aspire to achieve require security, quality and transparency in patient, provider and payor information. This is precisely why public and private health care administrators alike rely on Equifax for the pertinent data, innovative technology and proven analytical solutions needed to maximize efficiency while making better care more accessible for Americans. 

This is possible only with trust in the security and integrity of electronic health information. Trusted access—providing information only to people with the appropriate credentials who have a legitimate right to access the information—is essential. Knowing that the patient is who they say they are, and accurately matching multiple, disparate electronic records for that patient is key to successful use of electronic medical records and vital for successful patient outcomes.

Effectively fighting fraud requires an integrated strategy. Payers need to know if applicants for insurance or reimbursement are who they say they are and are eligible for Medicaid, premium subsidies or reimbursements. Our ability to combine robust data, predictive analytics and patented technology is the solution necessary to proof an identity and to also verify eligibility claims like professional credentialing, income level, and insurance.

Patient portals can provide greater timeliness and quality of clinical services to patients, with lower costs and improved convenience of administrative services. Assurance that only authorized individuals are accessing, viewing, and updating individually identifiable health information creates trust that sensitive health records and related information will not be compromised and mitigates the potential for medical fraud and identity theft.