FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud while maintaining the customer experience

Product Overview

Whether users are applying for credit or accessing sensitive information, organizations today are concerned about the risk of fraud, identity theft, and security when offering online services. Positively confirming identities without disrupting the consumer’s experience may help you win new customers.

FraudIQ®Authenticate is a set of risk-based authentication tools delivered through a flexible platform that you can use to confirm identities and help ensure the security and authenticity of account applications and transactions. Rather than relying on only one type of authentication method, FraudIQ Authenticate allows you to waterfall to the most relevant and effective method for a given transaction, from passive, behind-the-scenes device recognition to more stepped-up methods like knowledge-based authentication for riskier transactions.

By flagging suspect transactions earlier in the process, you can stop problems before they occur, potentially saving time and money in the corresponding manual review while helping to protect your organization’s reputation. 

Device. Verify the reputation of the device used to access your systems — in combination with applicant identity proofing or as a standalone capability. This helps to determine if the applicant has a fraudulent purpose. Information about where a device really is and whether it is associated with other devices used in known fraud helps passively identify known and potential fraud before an applicant has access to your systems and private data.

Passcodes. When concerned about potential fraud or a high-risk transaction, offer a stepped-up level of two-factor authentication by providing an expiring 6-digit passcode via SMS at account opening or online credentialing. Verifying the mobile phone number against service provider records helps confirm that the device is associated with the applicant.

Questions. When positive identity-proofing confirmation is required, knowledge-based authentication confirms an applicant’s identity by presenting multiple-choice questions that should only be known by that actual person. The dynamically-generated questions are based on credit file information and other non-credit proprietary and non-public data. 


The Resurgence of New Account Fraud

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