What is Compliance Center?

With rapidly changing labor and employment legislation, increased enforcement with growing fines, and increased risk of class action law suits; it is critical for organizations to properly manage their new hire process and forms.  The Compliance Center is a technology portal designed to streamline new hire onboarding through; process and regulatory update automation, notifications to employees, and insight management reporting.

Compliance Center provides “Compliance that Pays” with an average 12 x ROI by; reducing risk, especially through market leading I-9 Management and E-Verify® solutions, increasing income through additional tax credit realization, achieving savings through improved efficiency with a consistent experience for managers and new hires, enhancing the employer image during the important first impression onboarding process, and managing legislative mandates through an automated solution to process Federal and State notifications.  Employers can choose a relevant bundling of solutions today with the ability to integrate additional solutions as needed in the future.


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Equifax can make your organization's entire onboarding process more accurate, efficient and compliant with a web-based process that can save you both time and money. By accessing online forms and electronic signatures through the Compliance Center, new hires are guided through your customized forms checklist in a timely and convenient manner.

  • Streamline - transform the traditional paper new hire packet into an automated, web-based process that can start before the first day.
  • Accuracy - The guided process provides controls for improved data accuracy and integration with any HRIS or payroll system.
  • Immediate ROI - Reduce the cost of collecting, reporting and retaining new employee data.
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The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) reduces the federal income tax liability of companies who employ individuals who are considered to have barriers to employment. To maximize your WOTC tax savings, Equifax will seamlessly integrate WOTC screening into your hiring process.

  • Comprehensive program - Offer that leverages existing Equifax data sources (verifications, I-9, Unemployment), daily reviews and assessments of key performance indicators, real time reporting, and dedicated service teams.
  • Compliance - Integrated strategic wokflow to combine compliance requirements of Form I-9 to maximize WOTC screenings and increase tax credits.  Increased income can offset the cost of electronic risk management.
  • Focused support - Innovative training and education, dedicated account teams, and effective government relations.
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Equifax I-9 Management services help employers face the challenges of the I-9 process with a service that evolves steadily to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape. With Equifax, you both reduce your liability and achieve cost savings through paperless, electronic I-9s and an integration with E-Verify®.

  • Electronic I-9 - Secure, online completion of compliant I-9s providing better control over a more efficient process.
  • Eligibility verification - E-Verify automatically checks work authorization of new hires with SSA and DHS databases to mitigate your liability.
  • Remote I-9 Management - Allow applicants in remote locations to complete compliant I-9s leveraging a nationwide network of trained Form I-9 specialists.
  • Monitoring and Reporting - Administration tools to monitor I-9 status, reverification notices and facilitates audits with flexible view, search and print options. Compliance reporting that identifies missing I-9s and removes old I-9s.
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Improve consent rates and drive participation in electronic processes.  Enhance the onboarding process by allowing employees to provide consent for electronic W-2 as well as enrolling in direct deposit.

  • Increase savings - Eliminates the need to print, mail, and manage new or updated tax forms
  • Streamline process - Boosts your Direct Deposit and Paycard enrollment with capture at the time of hire
  • Integration - Combine new hire data into any HRIS or payroll system, making it a simple automatic process
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Improve your efficiency, accuracy and overall experience of your onboarding process with interactive W-4. Experience the automated process that reduces costs by eliminating labor associated with paper handling and corrections.

  • Reduce errors - Ensure accurate data collection with automated error-checking logic, eliminating re-keying of manual entries.
  • Efficiency - Eliminate wasted time and paper costs, maintain up-to-date forms per location, and streamline data integration with HRIS or payroll systems.
  • Compliance - Automatically presents the correct federal, state, and local form with build-in state-to-state reciprocity.  Form versions are always kept current and updated automatically as needed.
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There is a growing risk as states increasingly implement employment laws that require unique forms to be distributed and acknowledged by employees, to then be retained in the case of an audit. The Compliance Center platform provides a flexible, secure and central platform to manage these critical state specific compliance needs for your employee population.

  • Flexibility and security - Employees are directed to a secure website to electronically acknowledge forms. Forms are automatically populated with employee specific data and are made available in multiple languages as required.
  • Audit trail - Completion of the form is tracked and the form data is stored electronically to ease compliance and audit concerns.
  • Reports - Easy to access reports that allows employers to view progress and track compliance, including automated reminders to managers and employees.
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