NIST LOA 3 Identity Proofing

Identity fraud solutions help you comply with NIST Level 3 Identity Proofing standards when giving access to previously unknown individuals in an online environment.


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Equifax Identity and Fraud Solutions help establish the identity framework of trust necessary to maintain compliance and support operational excellence. This is true whether you are trying to protect the privacy of information when accessed remotely, validating the identity of users of secure information sharing systems, or providing new online services. The Equifax platform is unique in its ability not only to deliver the authentication and identity proofing that meets NIST LOA 3 standards, but also provide the flexibility to integrate risk management principles into business practices and procedures. It incorporates both discreet verification processes to allow behind-the-scenes vetting, and provides for strengthened authentication based on the riskiness of the identity or the transaction. Equifax has the tools you need to ensure that you are doing business with the people with whom you intend to be doing business.