Account Verification

Helps meet NIST LOA3 requirements for identity proofing

Product Overview

Confirm that account numbers presented by a consumer are accurate and belong to that consumer. Account number verification provides verification of name and address, in addition to any fraud or military alerts that might be on the consumer file. It helps solve the problem of knowing whether an account number provided by the consumer is contractually owned by that consumer.

Account Verification supports:

  • Credit Card number verification
  • Loan number verification
  • Checking or Savings account (DDA) number verification and can also associate a SSN to the account number or bank routing number

Account Verification is used to meet for NIST Level of Assurance 3 standards identity proofing in for government, healthcare, and banking applications.

Account Verification can be used to confirm that

  • an account number provided by the consumer for your balance transfer offer actually belongs to the person who has been given the offer 
  • a credit card offered as a security deposit for equipment or pay as you go services actually belongs to the consumer 
  • the name on an order matches the name of an authorized user for that card