Product Overview
Peace of mind delivered

ACA Employment Verifications is the primary employment and income data source for the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, the government portal set up to help consumers healthcare tax credits or insurance coverage as a part of the Affordable Care Act. Through The Work Number®, Equifax helps to streamline the transfer of information between employers and government agency verifiers, supporting the employee by accelerating the benefits decision process.

Employers who contribute data to The Work Number provide a significant advantage to their employees applying for benefits and tax credits to ACA, as income and employment is verified instantly and securely at the point of application.

Employer Benefits

  • Establish control - Reduce your risk as you properly manage your employee's data.
  • Workload relief - ACA-related verifications have the potential to place even more demand on HR professionals responsible for the fulfillment of these requests. Contributing data to The Work Number helps relieve of that challenge.
  • Trusted data and superior service - Our commitment to our employer clients and compliance with government agencies requires that we use the best available back-up systems, complete independent data security certifications, and follow stringent hiring standards to ensure the reliability and security of your service.

Employee Benefits

  • Timely response - Employment and income verifications are instantly fulfilled during the online application process, which helps result in a faster benefit or tax credit decision for your eligible employees.
  • Accuracy reassurance - Our operations are compliant with FCRA, which ensures employees have access to their verification request history and provides a method of recourse if they have a dispute.
  • Privacy guaranteed - The Work Number provides confidentiality to employees when conducting personal business.
  • Controlled access - At Equifax Workforce Solutions we host and manage all data, provide the verification fulfillment, and support our clients through Equifax-owned call centers. There are no outsourced providers or subcontractors handling your employee's data.


To learn more about how we can support you and employees through the employment and income verification process, contact us.