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When you need insight about your customers, your products, and your businesses, or even your industry and the broader market, you start with the data. Yet, how do you make the hodgepodge of data you access and own come to life and tell a story that helps you move the needle and grow your business?

Enter Equifax Ignite™. A revolutionary portfolio of premier data and advanced analytics solutions. Equifax Ignite securely and comprehensively supports the full analytical lifecycle - from data access and transparency to visualization and deployment - using a single, connected suite of advanced analytical processes, technology and tools.

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Equifax Ignite™ Models and Scores

Tailored For Your Business

We can build configurable solutions specific to your business needs.  

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Equifax Ignite™ Direct

DIY (Do It Yourself)

A solution for companies that want to generate their own insights in a leading-edge analytics environment.

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Equifax Ignite™ Apps

Off-the-Shelf Applications

Quickly access app-driven insights from our marketplace to inform your strategies.